Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hello my lovely peeps (:
Sorreh for the lack of updates okay don't ask me why.

Wookay so,
last Saturday was a gosh-so tiring day at KL with my girls (:

walking around the crowded city was so in-the-drama-ish (:
y'know like, the feeling of walking in a huge crowd here and there.

& of course, our main purpose of going down KL (:

goshhh kim hyun joong you're beyond perfection <3

Thank God we're not as crazy as those creepy fans.
They know every single word to his korean songs & bought him flowers ?

Watching a few episodes of Playful Kiss a day 
is enough to make my day (:

Those sesat moments in the crowd,
spotting victims to help us snap a picture,
making our first step into Uniqlo,
creating dramas in the lrt,
that's what i call memory (:

Emi's tagline for me:
hey how's kim hyun joong's ? i lost my phone :/

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