Monday, December 13, 2010

Koreans ?

i admit that i used to be quite an anti-korean person. But ever since i started 'chasing' korean dramas this holidays, ahhh <3 korean dudes are too perfect ! Despite they had surgery or not.

Waiting for kim hyun joong's new series which is gonna be out next year (: although he's only making a cameo appearance.
this was filmed 2 days after he left Malaysia !

SIGH, khj's dead on twitter since 9 feb whatisthis :| nichkhun's still the best for updating his twitter everyday :D Thanks to rapunzel though for the news about nichkhun's marriage with victoria from f(x), made me google here and there like crazeh thank God it was just a show called 'we got married'.

Doesn't look like the bear wants to kiss me... T.T 

hahah tweeted by himself i did not make this up.

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