Tuesday, December 14, 2010



or XPERIA X8 ?


Monday, December 13, 2010

Koreans ?

i admit that i used to be quite an anti-korean person. But ever since i started 'chasing' korean dramas this holidays, ahhh <3 korean dudes are too perfect ! Despite they had surgery or not.

Waiting for kim hyun joong's new series which is gonna be out next year (: although he's only making a cameo appearance.
this was filmed 2 days after he left Malaysia !

SIGH, khj's dead on twitter since 9 feb whatisthis :| nichkhun's still the best for updating his twitter everyday :D Thanks to rapunzel though for the news about nichkhun's marriage with victoria from f(x), made me google here and there like crazeh thank God it was just a show called 'we got married'.

Doesn't look like the bear wants to kiss me... T.T 

hahah tweeted by himself i did not make this up.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hello my lovely peeps (:
Sorreh for the lack of updates okay don't ask me why.

Wookay so,
last Saturday was a gosh-so tiring day at KL with my girls (:

walking around the crowded city was so in-the-drama-ish (:
y'know like, the feeling of walking in a huge crowd here and there.

& of course, our main purpose of going down KL (:

goshhh kim hyun joong you're beyond perfection <3

Thank God we're not as crazy as those creepy fans.
They know every single word to his korean songs & bought him flowers ?

Watching a few episodes of Playful Kiss a day 
is enough to make my day (:

Those sesat moments in the crowd,
spotting victims to help us snap a picture,
making our first step into Uniqlo,
creating dramas in the lrt,
that's what i call memory (:

Emi's tagline for me:
hey how's kim hyun joong's ? i lost my phone :/

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shoot me.

via fuckyeahbedrooms.tumblr.com,
one of my favouriteee sites (:

This site calls out for people to submit their bedroom pictures,
that inspires me.

(Her name's Lani)
Favourite of the favourite please,
i must paint my room one day :D myself.

Second favourite,
scribbling on my own wardrobe wall yes pleeez <3

love the walllll,
even tough it looks like it's been terrorized.

sleeping under these lightings + fav wall with fav posters is just pure love.

I showed mummy these pictures of bedrooms which i wanted so badly,
& told her it would be better if i'd own one in New York.

She asked me to be a fashion designer, because it's all about fashion there (:
Is that counted as hope ?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vice versa.

This is what i call fashion = love.


and this is what i call love = fashion.

a little monster with her 'little monster' tattoo + Lady Gaga's lips <3

No more awws.

via lovegivesmehope.com ( yes again :D )
but this is different.

I came home from school to find my dad and sister shot and killed.
I heard someone in the house, and I hid in the closet.
My mom had seen me get into the closet.
A man with a gun asked her where I was, and she didn't tell him, She was shot.
My mother loved me.

This, is sad.